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Key Features

Here are several features that make SmartLuco worth paying attention to

  • Direct Connection

    Control your IoT devices directly from your phone. No gateway or external modem is required for connection.

  • Autonomous

    IoT devices are capable of autonomous operation based on the real-time sensor feedback.

  • Cloud Integration

    Control and manage your IoT devices from the cloud services, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
    (under development)

  • Mesh Network

    Extend the range of your IoT devices with the redundant self-healing mesh network.

  • Decentralized

    There is no single coordinator device in the network, hence no single point of failure.

  • Multiplatform

    Android and iOS platforms are fully supported. Windows and Linux support is coming soon.


  • Convenience at your fingertips

    Control your devices such as lights, fans and air conditioners just by tapping on your mobile phone screen.

  • Affordability by Flexibility

    Enjoy the convenience without breaking the bank. You only need one device that you would like to control to get started. No gateway, master controller and/or modem is necessary.

  • Stunning Scalability

    Automate just one motion sensor light in a stairwell, or all lights, air conditioners and environment sensors in the entire building.


At this time, the only IoT product available for use with SmartLuco is Smart Dongle from KIMIN Electronics.

Smart Dongle is a compact multifunctional plug-in device that can be integrated into a variety of devices such as lights and sensors. The primary use of Smart Dongle is to control sensor-enabled light devices, but it can also be used for implementing independent sensors, smart plugs and other kinds of smart devices.

You can get started by installing Smart Dongle compatible lights in your office and home. Light is an ideal choice because they are almost everywhere and this allows them to form a local area mesh network. Once you have lights working as the backbone of your network, you can add other devices such as environmental sensors and smart plugs.

We are planning to expand the range of products that are compatible with SmartLuco in the near future by implementing Bluetooth SIG Mesh compatibility. This will allow SmartLuco to interact with just about any Bluetooth Mesh-compatible device available.



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